Our design school in Armenia teaches everything you need for modern web and UX design. You will learn to express your design ideas and create impressive user-friendly interfaces. Start your career with Brandingo and you’ll be independently designing your own websites in 6 months. 

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who is this

course for?

Changing Careers

This course is suitable for complete beginners. You will learn the core values of design, setting you up for success as a new designer.

Deepen Knowledge

You will enlarge your knowledge in web and UX design. Will learn how to present your work and become more demanded in the field.

Graduate Designers

You will improve you design skills and learn how to build the work process with the customer: pricing, time management and presentation.

The basics of web and UX design

The building process of each website starts with creating the interface. Understanding UX is essential to solving the issues of a website.

Create an original design

Each website requires an individual approach and design, whilst retaining the companies brand image throughout.

Solve the user’s issues

The main goal of a UI/UX designer is to help the user meet their needs. You will understand how to bring the user’s attention to the main function of the website.

Work with Figma

Figma is a helpful and powerful design tool. The feature to work simultaneously with other designers and clients makes it the fastest and most innovative design tool.

Do research

You will understand how to research, identify and evaluate the user’s needs.

Present the project to a client

It is very important to carefully present your work to a client. The impression you first make will influence any future projects you may have together.

job placement


Study the Topic

The course includes theoretical and practical materials․

Completion of the Task

At a pace that suits you․

Team Work

Collaborate knowledge and correct mistakes.


Based on completion of real projects

Teaching principles

Study the Topic

The course includes theoretical and practical materials․

Learning progession

At a pace that suits you․

Team Work

Collaborate knowledge and correct mistakes.


Based on completion of real projects




Helen is a passionate designer, who loves sharing her experience with others. She has worked in the field for over 8 years and knows UI/UX design like Hermione knows her magic spells and can help you become design wizards yourself.


Lilit has a special place in her heart for the graphic world, is in love with designs and has an outstanding way of delivering her knowledge to the students. Has 8 years of working experience and is your only Obi-Wan Kenobi in graphic and UI/UX design, she can turn you into real design jedis!


Karen started designing websites when the first internet browser was created. He has 15 years of experience in the digital world. His mind is constantly running on new ideas and projects and he is someone to look up to when it comes to learning graphic design.

the programme

1. What is graphic design

Who are we 

Our Teachers 

Why choose design as a career

About the course 

What you will learn in the course 

Types of design 


What is composition 

Types of compositions 


Colour diagrams 

Main colours 

Colours: warm and cold 

Colour harmony 

Types of color in web and print design

What is typography 

History of typography 

The evolution of typography 

Use cases in different fields 

Types of fonts

Font families 

Font descriptions 

Font hierarchy 

What are layout & grid 

What kinds are there  

Logo history 

Types of logos 

The secrets of famous logos 

What is brand/branding

Why do you need branding 

What role does branding play for a company 


What is rebranding 

The role of colours in branding 

What are icons 

Why do you need icons 

History of icons 

Types of icons 

What do icons mean 

What issues do icons solve 

What are illustrations 

Why do you use illustrations 

What types of illustrations are there 

Where are they mostly used 

Introduction with the programs 

For what are they being used 

What are the differences between Photoshop & Illustrator 

2. Portfolio preparation

What is UI/UX design 

The history of the UI/UX

The difference between UI and UX 

Design is not art 


Introduction to Figma interface 


What is a wegbsite 

What does a website consist of? 

Why do people need websites for their businesses 

The role of a designer in the process of creating a website 


Vector files, masks, pictures and effects 

Atomic design 


Radio button 

Opening list

Colours, print 



Text field types 


Creating elements(Figma) 

Navigation components






Picture carousel

Auto layout 


Information components 

Progress bars 


Message boxes 



Libraries, assets 

Tips and tricks for Figma 





What is a UI pattern 

F pattern 



Social login 


Plugins, card designs 

Tips and tricks for Figma 


Visual hierarchy in a layout

Grid system

Layout patterns 

Creating a grid 

Grids in Figma 

Layout guidelines  

frequently asked questions

Who is this course for?

The course is open to anyone who wants to fill their lives with colors and new ideas.

What will be the schedule of the courses?

The courses are in the evening. You can easily combine it with work or study.

How many hours a week are the lessons?

It all depends on your schedule. Usually our students spend 6-8 hours a week.

Can I contact the teacher?

You will have a Telegram chat, where you will always be in touch with your teachers. They personally comment on homework and give useful advice.

What prospectives do I have after completing the course?

The best students will have the opportunity to work with us or in other leading companies.

How does the payment system work?

You can pay both: once for the whole course or a monthly fixed price.